About us

Don’t Forget Your Roots is a family of homegrown sustainable products which delivers home textile goods. We, as a brand, focus on traditional crafts from around the world in order to preserve their culture. All our products are crafted with an obsessive attention to detail.

"The future of culture is in your hands"


Don’t Forget Your Roots is all about the blend of ancient and modern living. We tell you stories about different traditional crafts across the world. Our purpose is to give life to the crafts which are dead and not valued in today’s lifestyle.


Being a lover of nature and creation, working in textiles has a lot of affection for me. I want to preserve the crafts from all over the world from being lost to the ages. As a human being I want to contribute towards protecting the environment.

“I urgently believe that we must gather more information on the crafts identified so far to ensure that no more treasured skills are lost forever”
Ananya Gupta