What Makes Our Placemats Sustainable?


The heart of any dining table setup is the placemats. A perfect set of placemats not only safeguards your table against unavoidable spills but also reflects your aesthetic. What would be a better choice if they could be sustainable as well?

Wait no longer and shop your Sustainable Placemats with us because they are-

Made Using Upcycled Material

Plastic placemats are generally poorly made, in an unethical manner and have just a few regular design alternatives. On the other hand, our sustainable placemats are consciously manufactured using 100% cotton and upcycled material. 

Natural Dyed

Our table mats are free from harmful chemicals as they are made using only natural colours. In addition to adding vibrancy to your space, natural dyes have proven benefits for health as well. Do read about the benefits of natural dyes in our previous blogs!


You no longer have to worry about buying a new set of placemats every month. Our tablemats are the best replacement for you that are accessible and, more importantly, long-lasting. You may set them up for special occasions or utilise them regularly as much as you desire. 

Defines Your Asthetic

Our eco-friendly placemats can effortlessly add a touch of refinement to your dining table. The blend of natural texture and premium quality together says volumes about your sense of style.

Not Produced in Sweatshops

Unlike regular placemats, our conscious placemats are not produced in sweatshops. They are made in well-maintained facilities, focusing on worker safety and hygiene. With every purchase from Roots, you empower creative artisans who practise eco-friendly textile production.

A luxurious dining experience induces not just flavoursome cuisines; you require a pleasing dining setup as well. So, browse our collection, and shop for your perfect fit right now!

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